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Easy To Use

Create Campaigns in No-Time. Set up single or multiple event campaigns in less than a minute using smartphone or computer.

Shareable Event Link

Make your entire exhibition marketing team into individual data collection point-of-contacts by sharing the ExhibitEase campaign link with them and increase the efficiency of your exhibition. No need to create individual user accounts. No post event data-entry needed.

Instant Verification

Say goodbye to typing errors and verify each mobile number and email address instantly before saving the visitor data. Using ExhibitEase store only the verified visitor data and boost your marketing, re-marketing efforts!

Welcome SMS & Email

Send custom welcome Email & SMS to your visitor as soon as you save their number and start your marketing campaigns right from the exhibition venue and ensure that your visitor has your contact information even if they lose the visiting cards and brochures.

Customer Remarks & Labels

Never miss another high value visitor or an urgent requirement by labelling and marking them while storing. Visitors can be custom labelled so your team can take the appropriate action immediate and not lose potential sale. If you wish, you can even export the data of specific label as well e.g. Only Urgent Requirements, or High Value Clients and likewise.

Say No To Paper

With ExhibitEase, there is no need to manually scribble visitor information on notebooks. Now directly store visitor data on a secure cloud-based server using smartphone devices and access it from anywhere, even years after the event for your marketing needs.

Multi-Format Export

Don’t wait for data-entry and export day-wise & event-wise exhibition visitor data immediately with just click of a button in multiple formats. With ExhibitEase you can export your data in Excel, PDF, CVC formats.

Delete Data, if not needed

If there’s any need to permanently delete your data from the cloud-server, you can do so by using the soft-delete option which will erase all or specific event’s data from the cloud server. You can delete any time after or during the event.

100% Private & Encrypted

ExhibitEase uses 128-bit encryption for all the data records. What it means is that any data stored is converted into a binary code of 0 & 1 and is rendered useless for a human interpretation. Data is decrypted only while exporting. Your data stays safe and private & only you hold the key to unlock and access it.

Why Use ExhibitEase Over Conventional Record Books?

It is like comparing Emails with handwritten letters

Advanced, Easy & Efficient

Advanced in its design, ExhibitEase empowers you to convert your entire team into coveted data collectors & marketers. Your team members can now conveniently acquire, verify and store visitor data using their smartphones while engaging with visitors right from the exhibition stall and there’s no need to manually enter data post event. Visitor data gets stored in perfectly labeled formats which makes accessing and analysing easy.

No Human Errors

Manually copying data from notebooks & business cards to excel sheets involves high risk of mistyping and accidentally storing the incorrect number. Not anymore! With ExhibitEase, the visitor mobile number and information is verified before it is stored, so you always get the correct information. Don’t lose a big sale because your data copier mistyped just one digit while copying the client’s number!

Saves Time & Money

ExhibitEase is efficient! You can use your entire exhibition staff as marketers and also send automatic welcome SMS & emails to your visitors without any additional effort. Not only that, you won’t ever get a wrong or incorrect number. Plus you can store it on cloud and access it anytime you want to for your marketing & sales activities. All this with minimal effort, no set-up time and lowest cost. ExhibitEase is the right choice!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Simply because it’s fast and effective, and is designed to protect your most valuable asset - the visitor data. Anyone who participates in exhibition and trade shows has only objective i.e. maximise relevant visitor data accurately & fast. ExhibitEase helps you with just that. With ExhibitEase, you can easily use your mobile devices to collect and store visitor data, verify the numbers and send automatic welcome messages and emails in real-time. All your data can be exported in multiple formats in just click of button.

  • Almost anyone can use ExhibitEase tool on smartphones, laptop, iPads and personal computers. It is super easy to use. When you start an exhibition campaign on ExhibitEase, a shareable link is generated which you can share with your team member or co-exhibitors. Clicking on the link takes you to your campaign page where your team can individually start entering the visitor data as and when they meet them during the course of exhibition. The entire data from your team is collected and stored on a cloud-server in real-time and can be accessed almost immediately.

  • While creating your exhibition campaign on ExhibitEase, you get an option to edit your message and email text to be sent out to your visitors. Once you edit & save the message template, same will be sent almost immediately as SMS and email to every new visitor you save using the ExhibitEase link.

  • Yes absolutely! You can add your own remarks and create separate labels i.e. Urgent, Large Requirement, High Priority etc against all visitors. This helps you and your team recall the visitor’s requirements much more precisely and quickly.

  • It is easy to export your visitor list any time during & after the event. You can simply click on the ‘Export’ button on your exhibition campaign and get all your visitor data immediately. You can also filter & export the data as per your preference i.e. day-wise or label-wise or all.

  • Yes! Absolutely. Your data is stored on cloud which only you have access. All the data stored are excrypted and secured from any malware actions. All our data is under 24X7 advanced security monitoring. It includes :

    • Malware detection and removal
    • Distributed Denial of Service prevention (DDoS)
    • Brute force prevention
    • Cross–site scripting prevention
    • Content Delivery Network performance boost (CDN)